'Gooseville' by BlindVision Films

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Sorry, problems with my filter! Reviewed the wrong heat, not sure I'm able to delete this post unfortunately.


Storey line was a good idea and it started off really well. The lead actor was engaging and fat man was creepy good. Bo Peep ... awesome!! But you lost me with Gretel and the storey line towards the end. But really nice idea and some really funny points through the movie.


I'm reviewing our own film because for some reason we never get many reviews....and BTW, that's not because we hand in crap. Auckland finals last year and National winners of the "sexiest looking short" the year before.....so....
Great idea supported by nice, clean cinematography and sound design. Excellent acting and I hope that some of the cast pick up some nominations. The lead detective was great and the fat, disgusting local sheriff was also very good. The psychotic "Bo Peep" especially, was incredible and hopefully walks away with "best actress" - but, of course I haven't seen what other teams have done. I do agree with Blue suit (thanks for the review) and towards the end the story was hard to follow. We like to take risks with our films and try to play with story structure and cinematography so we can stretch ourselves as film makers. As Ant told me at the screening "we set the bar high for ourselves" Overall and all that really matters, is that we handed something in and I'm proud of what the team turned out.


Thought the cinematography, lighting and the attention to detail was great. In some ways let down by the
lack of strength in the story, felt more like a scene out of a feature film than a short film in itself.


Out of all the movies in the heat, you guys had the best picture and audio. All the actors and actress were great! but like what the other reviewers have said... the storyline is a bit messy so people get lost. i did too. but great try though!

P.S. i have something against canned beans... i almost barfed when i saw the sheriff with a bowl of that crap. my friend even freaked out because he thought i was gonna do it.


Jack and Jill go up the hill, Jack falls down and Jill isn't heard from again. A great start to this film and I thought the cinematography and acting was really strong, in fact my notes say 'looks beautiful!!!'.

Nursery rhyme characters are investigated over the Jacks death and Jill disappearance. With a wonderfully disgusting sheriff and freaky Bo Peep but unfortunately I got lost at the end of this film and didn't really understand what the outcome was.

Certainly on looks and acting this could easily make the finals but I'm not sure if the story is strong enough all the way through.

An amazing effort in 48 hours anyway and I have definitely enjoyed some of their previous films.