'The Vocation' by CRANKLESKANK Production

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The Vocation
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Lovely looking film but weak story. one of the better films in heat 6.


I quite enjoyed this one. The main character was pretty well written and acted and the camera work was above average.
I did sort of wonder what the point of the movie was, and I don't really think the story went anywhere. Also, I thought the execution scene in the middle, with the gentleman and his dog, was also a little pointless.
Despite that, I did enjoy the film a lot. Definitely a solid effort.


Interesting film. The makers had a good understanding of cinema and the suspense was, at times, through the roof. The concept/story fell apart a little for me but overall it was well acted and looked visually slick.


Technically good, probably the best in the heat on that score but the story didn't really carry me along


Unfortunately the "A" cut of this film with grade, VFX, retiming and missing titles etc was 20 seconds late to hand in.
What you see in competition is just the rough "B" cut which was also finished.
The A cut is quite outstanding and address's some of the valid points made here. Great work


I thought this film looked very polished, some nice camera moves etc.

A guy is holding hostages (in a basement?) and has quite a long speech intercut with some execution scenes.

I didn't really follow the story but the acting was good, not over the top or cheesy just well played for the character they had written.

I don't think it really established who the people were, why they were being held and who the mysterious guy in the background was but then at the same time it didn't really matter as it was more about the main character.

Solid effort, would like to see the A grade version mentioned here.


Have to admit that when I saw this film, I lost all hope for winning the heat. The film was beautifully shot, good lighting and the editing kept the story moving along beautifully. The acting was superior with the main character drawing me into his demented little world with every word and awkward twitch.
I was thoroughly sucked in! Awesome job, can't wait to see more of your work.


Shot quite nicely, and good editing and audio, this is a well-acted hitman soliloquy. I do wish that it went somewhere else at the end though, but I enjoyed it despite a few minor clumsy lines in there that didn't seem natural. And thank you for not killing the little dog, I was half expecting that and it would have been for shock value only. Great work for 48 hours guys!