'Royale Con Queso' by Dusty Cups

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Royale Con Queso
One-Room Movie
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Really bad use of genre. What the fuck. how could you possibly think that was a good idea. BAD IDEA, BAD IDEA!!


With about 100 films in this heat doing the reservoir dogs tie to a chair torture thing - it was good to see someone take the piss out of it. Some pretty funny moments in here.


This one was kind of odd. And not really in a good way.
A very silly tale of Lucha Libre Wrestlers, I didn't really have much idea what was going on. The tying up scene at the start lasted too long, and there were a bunch of tech issues.

Despite that, I did laugh. The accents were delightfully racist, and Pack 'n' Saviour is the best pun ever.


Memorable, very memorable.


Enjoyable and definatly had it's moments. Fun production to watch.


Way too OTT for my liking, but it seemed to be popular with the audience. There were a few laughs for me from the pure silliness of it all. I have to give praise for pulling off the "one room" genre, that can't be easy, and anyone who can finish a short film in 48hrs is a champion in my book. Hope you guys had a fun weekend!


Yup, this is our film. And I have to start this out by saying, we didn't try to win, or make art or anything, but we did have two major goals: 1) entertain the hell out of you and 2) have fun. We are certain we achieved one of them and hope we did the other. :-)

I'd love to say that the subtext of this short was brimming with the pretentious Eraserhead-esque premarriage jitters, but this was really us making fun of Tarantino films with Mexican Wrestlers in it instead of scientologists. ;)

Yeah we had a few minor tech issues, but they kind of fit the spirit of the film, and I'm really happy that the film was indeed story complete (and decent at that). We also had some kick ass Exit Through the Gift shop style footage and mockumentary stuff that didn't make it into the final cut (getting handed in with 2min to spare) -- but that stuff was just embellishments around the real story anyway.

And in previous years having led a 48 hours team of 30 ppl before and another time with 23, I can honestly say that I'm more than happy with what we did-- pretty good for a team of 4 people - production value included. Well 4.25 people ;-) we did have an awesome camera op for 4 hours of the shoot before he had to go back to work. So, for much of the shoot with 3 people on camera and one audio person it was crazy but alot of fun.

Hope you got a few laughs!!