'I Am You Are' by Brown Sugar Apple Grunt

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I Am You Are
Body-Switch Movie
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This was my teams film. Won't review it except to say that I was pleased that the sound mix didn't come across too bad and that it looked ok considering it was shot entirely on iPhone 4. A little bit experimental in that respect. Was another attempt at a serious film so fitted in well with this heat. (looks like I can't submit review without giving a rating...)


Although seemingly filmed in two countries and well-produced, everything just came across as uninteresting and confusing. The audience felt a little bored by all the "seriousness."

The freeze-frame ending provided nothing (but laughs?); it just had to be there. At least it looked very stylised and it was a genuine attempt.


This short had a really cool look (shot on a iphone) to it but was a little confused and the story feel flat.
The acting and locations were top notch but it was a little dull by the end.


The acting was brilliant, but that's about all I have to say sorry.

A little over-ambitious in its concept I think. Nothing was particularly clear, so it ended up being confusing rather than engaging.