'Hard Wire' by Cal Jefferson Productions

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Hard Wire
Revenge Movie
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Set in the cut-throat world of the porn industry this film was actually very well shot. had some nice moments but I'm not sure I understood it completely. Had the revenge element in there and a great rockyesque freeze frame ending.


Wooo... where do you begin? A short that was hyper-edited and so amazingly breath-takingly fast that it was mind-blowing! I need to see it again.

Thomas Moon gives a muscular and ball-breaking performance as 'Dick' a safe-sex porn-star who refuses to make love on film without a condom. His life is torn apart by the violent actions of 'Chico' a cello-playing crazed porn boss and his fantastically lame goons. Check out the big fight scene!

The freeze-frame ending will be hard to top and the soundtrack was great. Just awesome!


It's hard to attend a V48hrs heat and be asked to vote for your favourite short when you realise that at the end of the screening that the best one is a late entry. Sucks for CJP.
Easily the best and intentionally funniest of the heat, 'Hard Wire' was fantasically original. An incredible voice-over intro followed by seemingly non-stop action made this enjoyable and funny.
The female lead gave an emotionally charged performance showing the film had real chops. The rest of the film is off the wire; the bad-guy even plays his cello during a fight-scene.
Hopefully next years entry from these guys will be on time.


Well shot, but otherwise I wasn't too sure what was going on most of the time.

The fight scene made me lol pretty hard though.


was a great film and the best on the night. Amazing ending and great still to finish. Acting was very good amoung all the cast. Well pput togeather


Was that Chad Kroeger playing the cello?