'Guest' by Brothers In Crime

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Horror Movie
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Another attempt at a serious film in this heat..I think there were quite a few. This film came across to me as more of a thriller than a horror but I did feel some real tension at a couple of points which isn't an easy thing to achieve. Some really nice shots at the beginning establishing the characters and probably the most genius 30 sec intro of the heat. DQ'd


A really top short; too bad it was late. A really interesting and well shot scene, but the dialogue and acting are the stars here. It looks good and provides the goods.


Only a few technical issues set this film back, which was the best 'Serious short' of it's heat by a country mile. A slightly confusing homo-erotic beach wrestling scene sets the wierd tone for this piece that was otherwise set in one room only.
The dialogue, which mostly seemed casual yet unnerving was excellent. The actors, or at least two out of the three leads, pulled it off. Well done and I would like to see it again.


I thought this one was really well done. The acting and dialogue were fantastic; it was genuinely really creepy.

I found the ending a little weak though compared to the rest of the film. With such an intense build up it would have been nice to go somewhere a little more unexpected.


Well what can say about this film? I was really well made, pitty you didn't get it in in time you could have had a shot at the finals. Everything was amazing here, the acting was VERY convincing, story was original, well shot, good sound. I loved how at the shots after killing the men were only on the handycam, everything here was just great. I felt real tension and didn't know what was going to happen, and I also liked the start, good addition that made the film feel more rounded then if you had just shot it in the one room. Really solid effort guy, get it in next year!!