'Sweet Tooth' by Blue Sun

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Sweet Tooth
Revenge Movie
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I love sexy girls


lolz at Billy Young and those great lines about being shit on.
Awesome freeze frame ending


Having now seen a couple of 'Revenge' films, I'm beginning to suspect this could be the turkey of the genre bag. It's very broad, and that makes it hard to do well. Generalization aside, this particular film was a litany of bemusing dialogue and odd costumes, punctuated with (practically) fully-clothed pretend sex. It featured two women inexplicably dressed in what can only be called stripper costumes (sexy nurse, sexy schoolgirl) who spent 90% of the film telegraphing the obvious conclusion: boyfriend is a cheat, let's kill him and the whoring bitch he's hooked up with. Said boyfriend, who's occasionally shown phoning in some softcore, spends almost the entire film wearing a V for Vendetta mask, which briefly gave us the hope of "Maybe there's a twist!" only to dash it when the mask came off and revealed -- gasp! -- some dude. With a beard. Not even an awesome beard. Ah well. By the end, we don't care about any of the characters at all (or indeed can we take any single one of them seriously) and we're happy at least that some of them get shot.


Found this a bit disturbing. Liked the freeze frame - one of the cooler ones, but not really into it. Billy?


This team was DQ'd not sure if it was because it was late or because they called the compulsory character Billy Young.

A woman finds her man in bed with another woman and tells her friend/co-worker (? not sure) about it before they torture him as revenge.

Had some issues with sound and lighting which were quite jarring.

Wasn't really sure who the characters were and what their relation to each other was but I did like the freeze frame ending.