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Loved the opening moments in this film! Almost as much as the awesome costumes and the kick-arse special effects! haha...I'm still smiling.


Super Hero movie that really had good production but the film had two scenes and really went no where. Too much dialouge and not enough action. Very dissapointed


Superhero: it's bloody hard to do something new in this genre, and when I saw the great camerawork and sharply-written dialogue of the first thirty seconds or so, I wondered if we were about to see the "Dark Knight" of the 48HOURS. Sadly, I don't think this film could *quite* decide whether it wanted to be dramatic or comedic (I feel it maybe was trying for the former) and it ended up being a bit of a long ride to nowhere much. The plot: a normal-looking guy is tied up in a basement, and a villain in a mask taunts him about an evil plot he's hatched. We learn that normal guy is actually a retired superhero who's packed it in because he's "found love". Turns out the villain just happens to have said 'love' to hand, which makes the hero angry, and they fight each other with perplexing special effects. The girlfriend gets in the way, and we freeze frame on a "Nooooooo!!!". Bugger. Problem is, the characters had so little depth, I didn't care what happened to who -- they were all frankly a bit annoying. I suppose it's easy to be hard on films that look great but have a poor plot; if SUPERb had looked more amateur, it might have sat a little better with me. As it was, though, it was like a Ferrari with the engine of an Austin Allegro.


Very strong opening, brilliant characters, totally derailed by the third act. If they were being ironic then they totally nailed the hollywood superhero formula.

A good effort but would have loved to see it go somewhere deeper. Is that too much to ask of a 48 hours short? Probably.


A reformed bully come superhero has retired and is captured by his nemesis but refuses to fight him.

Some slick camera work and nice visuals in this and I loved the fight scene and the way it took place.

I liked it but I don't know that it'll be strong enough to make the finals..