'Pet Patrol' by Beefy Bacon

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Pet Patrol
Road Movie
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Snake rescue scene = Like!


nice bobby young, slimiest character of the night...
CPR on a cobra? gold.
I don't think it was very 'road movie' but it flowed well.


This was one of my favourites of the heats. It was quick, it was punchy and the gags were really good. It was really a tough crowd at the heats and didn't get the full recognition it deserved. top stuff Beefy Bacon!


I love Beefy Bacon. I also hate Beefy Bacon, because they're always in our heat and I sulk if they have a funnier film than us. I don't think it'd be unfair to say, though, that Pet Patrol wouldn't be the *best* film they've ever made. The synopsis is that a couple of animal control blokes are facing shutdown from some kind of megalomaniac supervisor unless they save five pets in a short space of time. I really liked the premise, and the supervisor character was absolutely superb; there were also some sweet little site gags, such as the mouth to mouth with the snake that resulted in some visible snot ropes -- gold. But, perhaps unfairly, I've come to expect more from Beefy Bacon; they still got my 2 points (after our own film, duh) but it didn't split my sides this time. It won't stop me anticipating their efforts every year, however.


Pet Patrol are given a week to save 5 more animals or they get shut down. Will they make it???

Some great over acting and I love the fact they didn't use any actual animals.

It didn't feel like a typical road movie to me but they did go on a journey.

Still I laughed a lot in this one and I liked their transition to the ex bully character.