'Nightmare at the Movies' by Bigger Boat

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Nightmare at the Movies
Horror Movie
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This was classic horror. Some great camera work and solid acting made this one of my favorites for this group.


This horror managed to hit all the tropes without feeling dull or predictable. Quite an acheivement for a genre that often produces some rather forgettable 48hour films. The creepy guy was excellently cast, and the sound effects rather good.


Totally true to genre - love that!


I was geniuenly scared in this one, some really good suspense built up and well executed. Production values lacked a bit but overall the story was great and followed the theme well


True to genre and great use of classic horror tricks. Fantastic location.


2 women go to the movies, creepy guy behind the character freaks one of the women out and causes her night to go very badly.

They went for the scare rather than the spoof horror and used all the elements you expect in a horror film - the feet under the door, the person always just too far away from you to see properly etc.

The Bobby Young character was only featured in the dialogue rather than being in the film at all, not sure if that counts against them or not.