'MasterThief' by Backyard Studios

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A dazzling array of accents, fake locations, and reality television spoof. Good production values, writing and acting. A pleasure to watch. Was left wondering what happened to the identity theft character though.


Very entertaining.


This film was hilarious. A very well-constructed parody of the MasterChef series, and I picked that up without ever seeing a single episode of it. I enjoyed the French guy, thought the car thief character was really well fleshed out, and quickly adored our loveable grassroots superhero.

But oh, Backyard Studios, you naughty kids. Don’t think nobody noticed that your identity thief disappeared after the first half of the film. I really thought you were going somewhere with her, perhaps she stole the judges identity, or one of the other contestants in a similarly devilish plot twist, but no, she merely fell off the face of the earth. While it made for an unexpected ending, it was unexpected like looking through my wallet and finding I didn’t have the 5 dollars I thought was in there… I felt disappointed and a little bit cheated.

However, this film was funny, very watchable and incredibly amusing. It got my vote, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


great characters, frenchy definitely stole the show.
Loads of laughs, i particularly liked the stunning forgery of the mona lisa, and the louvre building.
Bummer about the disappearing character, but hey, maybe she stole one of the other guys identities?


Very static at times and over did a few things. I guess a lot of in jokes on this one. I did enjoy the museum gags.


Well I do hope not too many other teams do a Masterchef rip, because I could imagine it would get annoying *really* quickly. That said, I really enjoyed the premise and indeed the execution. The plot of this crime movie revolved around several archetypal thieves -- a chav, a French cat burglar, some kind of super-villain -- who all had to steal some kind of 'artifact'. They do so, and are then judged by a panel in the Masterchef styley. I should emphasize that I totally LOL'ed at the shot of 'the Louvre' and it's now among my favourite 48HOURS shots ever (and I've watched eight years of these films!) This character-driven film was full of heart and rated very highly amongst our team. I personally felt it did run out of steam towards the end (and that over-long end scene with the Chinese food wasn't worthy of the rest of the film) but I'll very much look forward to seeing this team's next effort -- I think they have lots of potential.


Like Master Chef........but with thieves.

This had some great gags in it. I loved the different locations like the Kremlin and the Louvre.

Some brilliant hammy acting and the Mona Lisa had me guffawing.

Loved the film but not sure if the video part of the credits goes against the freeze frame ending or not. Good use of the line.