'Fafari Areeche' by Blunt Force Trauma

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Fafari Areeche
Fad Movie
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This is let's not bother writing a script gone good - loved the 1st scene with the boys in the car.


Had some Italian accents and over the top costumes. Not much else to say


Ah, the fad film. We winced when this came up at the launch, and we reckon even getting Musical was getting off lightly compared to this. When Fafari Areeche started, I had a good chuckle, as did the rest of the cinema. Unfortunately, it seemed we were expected to drag that one laugh over the entire film. I have no idea what the 'fad' was; maybe I'd have liked it more if I'd known what they were trying to send up? The film featured several afro-sporting faux-Italians in a (pretty cool) car wearing mafioso-style suits and packing what our team firearms enthusiast thought at a glance were indeed genuine firearms(!) As you may deduce from the title, said characters started muttering 'sounds-like-Italian', which is about the best way I can describe lots of burbling punctuated with the occasional reference to food (hearing 'carpaccio' the first time was funny... the fourth time, not so much). Then some women in another car do something similar, and the two groups meet up in some kind of barn or outbuilding where someone in a mask is inexplicably torturing someone with a bag over his head, who turns out to be... well, a guy. Maybe the genre bested this team, because they look promising. Fafari Areeche, however, sadly wasn't al dente.


ferdershi madilli yada beedeelee!


I guess the fad was everyone speaks in fake italian accents? apart from the obligatory line and character name of course.

Four guys sit in a car outside a house while someone is tortured inside. Two women show up, go into the house and stop the torture. No idea what was going on but they seemed to be having a lot of fun making the movie.