'choir in the blood' by Bald Faced Cheek

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choir in the blood
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This was my favorite film from heat 3. And not just because they are 48hr buddies of team Sparkle :) - They made musical look easy, which I know it isn't. Original idea with the deaf man with subtitles, and best use of prop as a "Family planning aid", terrific stuff. And they showed the "ex bully" character trait off nicely, loved the use of those meditation ball thingies at the end of that scene - showing the character as an "Ex bully" is not an easy thing to do!

It made me laugh, and unusually the audience connected with the main character, which is hard to achieve in any short film. As always, it was shot and edited bloody well, with good sound and music. It had likeable characters and I could follow the story being told to me! Which can't be said for many of the films tonight, or is that just me?


Possibly the least PC film we'll see this year, though if the first three heats are anthing to go by, there'll be some close contenders. This musical had everyone in stiches. It may have wavered a bit towards the end, but still easily the best short of the evening.

I'm pretty sure most people thought of the bent wire gag last friday, few had the bald faced cheek to actually run with it. It seems there's a reason this team got its name.


Shaky start i thought, the '"he's deaf" song, meh... but the deaf guys solo, SO AWESOME! and i agree, the ex bully was a great character.
Many many lulz.


Good damn this was good! A deaf singer was geneius! I always look forward to Bald Face Cheek movies


A solid, polished and professional film that we have all come to expect from BFC, but is likely to be very polarising.

I laughed along with most of the theatre but felt they really went OTT on the making fun of the deaf guy for wanting to sing. The MC Coincidental was hilarious and the song with him at the end was funny but it felt a bit like the movie had ended and they just wanted to put in an extra number for the hell of it.

Loved the Bobby Young character - absolutely brilliant, well acted and scripted and the lead deaf singer was also very well played.

They have certainly made it to the finals before and they have the polish to go again but will it be too much for the judges?


Had me cracking up from the opening "intro" scene. Unlike a lot of films on the night the time flew by. There was a plot and the tunes were catchy.