'Bushwhacked' by aaaaachu

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Revenge Movie
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A slightly new take on the whole found footage angle. Seems everyone has to hang a lantern on it by mentioning blair witch these days.

Some of the dialogue was very funny, but it was let down by a less well written shoehorning of ex-bully into the ending. Still quite watchable though.


This film had a decent amount of momentum to start with, some nice dialogue and a passable (though slightly cliché) premise. I enjoyed how seamlessly some humour was added to such an obviously serious script, and I thought the use of prop wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, it all unravelled a bit at the end. I was watching this film rather intently, keen to see where they were going with it, and the answer seemed to be nowhere. The disjointed lines didn’t help, and I didn’t quite understand why there was somebody stalking them in the forest who didn’t much care if they lived or died, leaving me with a sense of indifference which caused me to pass over it during voting.

Still, with a bit more polish and some attention to the ending, this could probably be fleshed out into an enjoyable film, and it was by no means in the bottom of the barrel for the night.


Very Blair Witch - and they reference that in their film, in case you hadn't realised.

Some good acting though and nice prop use.

A couple is lost in the woods with their video camera etc..

Solid, simple, short. A good 48 hours film.


Really good start with a good actress. Followed a 'Blair Witch' style, followed the genre well.