'Beyond the Present' by Black Hawk

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Beyond the Present
Mystery Movie
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The best thing about this film was the fact that it was prefixed no less than three times with different ways of saying "BLACK HAWK". It was as if three team members were given the opportunity to design the team logo, and then they couldn't decide which was best, so they put all of them on. After the obligatory "What's the name of the team?" catcalls from the audience, we're shown a mystery that gets one thing right at least: no-one in the cinema has the vaguest idea of what the hell is going on. The 'plot' involved a young guy tossing and turning in his bed (ostensibly having a nightmare, but actually conveying something more like "Mum's not going to be happy come laundry day") and being involved in a series of soft-focus aimless encounters. Then he wakes up, and ah, it's all a dream. Well, I guess plenty of dreams are kind of pointless, aren't they... The production values seemed decent, and maybe outside of the framework of the 48HOURS, a film like this is a little more valid, but last night it was just bewildering.


I honestly have no idea what the heck was going on in this film.

There were a lot of frenzied dreams, was it real was it imagined, not sure which scenes were flashbacks (if any) and what was dreamt etc. Good on this team for trying something really edgy and out there but I was left behind with this one.


Ummmm WTF, I had no idea what was going on. May be a clear storyline would have been a good start