'Alice come back' by BLUEISH YELLOW

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Alice come back
One-Room Movie
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Some great filming, acting and editing that was slightly let down by a difficult to follow storyline. Still, easily one of the better films of this group.


nice looking film, and cool props.
classic twilight zone-y tragedy.


Obviously ran out of time on this one as the editing faded away towards the end. Otherwise production values was good but really patchy at times. Good effort from the team that flew from China just to have a go!


A one-room film where a tattooed, largely incoherent guy finds a (frankly beautiful) book written in Braille, entitled "What Have You Got?" and proceeds to write random things on said book for the entire duration, punctuated by inexplicable shaking of the room and a girlfriend (ostensibly the titular Alice?) who leaves... comes back... or does she? Who knows! It appeared to not really have too much meaning outside of aesthetic. Nice lighting and camera work, but not really any kind of plot whatsoever. Also, I'd expect them to get DQ'ed based on their use of National Radio coverage of the Christchurch earthquake, and the fact they didn't finish on a freeze frame. All in all, seemed like the ingredients for a good film were there, but they had no writers. Oh, and their 30 second intro went on for a lot more than 30 seconds.


This film had some amazing lighting - loved the glowing specks in his eyes during the close up. Had no idea what they were going on about though - ancient braille causes earthquake? Time-travelling actions effecting the past. Is she there? Is she not there?
Not sure - but you gotta say it was pretty at times.


This was a very unusual piece but stuck to its one-room really well.

A guy comes home from stealing a case that has a book in it (called 'What have you got' but they also say the line to cover themselves, very smart choice there) opens it only to find it is in brail. The character shakes the book and out falls a mystical/feather pen and while he drinks more he starts to write in the book till eventually what he writes starts to happen.

Seemed very deep but as I knew nothing about the character to build the story I found it hard to connect with him or his situation. Well shot, nice lighting and tough for one person to act with no real lines and no one else in the room.

Nice effort overall.


Lots of intensity but felt it needed more than the single idea.