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Road Movie
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This purposefully lowfi road entry has a pretty clever twist. All in all a bit esoteric for my tastes, but certainly one worth checking out.

Don't want to spoil it but, other than to say this gritty man alone road movie is not quite what it seems - and it's execution of the low budget video nasty look is excellent.

A solid 3.5 stars


I enjoyed the twist at the end, and while it was a bit abstract, I thought it was well done.


Not a lot of story line, but loved the actor and his passion in the movie. There was some poor camera and sound in places, but overall well thought out and entertaining.


Superb short. Very enjoyable. The twisted at the end of mind-blowing! I mean.. did NOT see that one coming at all.


I love the fact they went with the totally lo fi effect and went hard with it all the way through.

An unusual movie of a guy breaking into a car after quitting his job then goes on a roadtrip. The whole of the driving sequence there is a split screen to a monologue character.

Nice reveal at the end


Really dug the faux retro look of this film. Especially the cool VHS era team logo you guys had. After hooking me with the beginning it began to lose heat as a guy monologued for like three minutes while a (admittedly cool) car drove around the place. However, when the twist was revealed it pretty made up for it. Solid effort.


Good end, film quality disappointing, acting only one emotion.