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Body-Switch Movie
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Body Switch is a very hard genre to make work, so I salute this teams effort but feel that they really didn't manage to pull it off.

Relying too heavily on voice over narration, this obviously heartfelt effort about realizing that you aren't the only one with troubles and the danger of youth suicide was too on the nose in almost every way.

The bones of the idea were good, but in an effort to either get the required elements into the film, or simply get the story and idea across the audience, this film spends too much time telling the audience what is happening, even when we can see what's going on.

A bit less exposition/education and a bit more entertainment would have gone a long way.


I liked the overall feel of this movie but I had questions that weren't answered thats why I'm only giving it 2 stars


Interesting and well thought out script with the actors being believable. Some really good camera visuals. But disqualified this year. I would be interested in seeing next years effort.


A nice effort, with a tough-genre some of the story got lost throughout the confusing narrations. Perhaps a few gags here and there would have given the movie a bit more "oomph"


A guy is bullied so much he commits suicide but as he is doing so someone tries to save him and he somehow transfers into their body. He then lives through them and sees everyone is bullied in life.

Another serious film this year (seems to be a lot more of them in the first few heats than the normal slapstick stuff) that could have done with building the initial character a bit more in terms of their relationship to the bullys and why they were bullied, before killing them off. However they stuck to their body switch genre well.

The looking at Bobby Young being bullied by his peers was a good twist and I thought the use of the POV was great, not too overdone.


Made an earnest effort