'Where Do The Children Play?' by 1001

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Where Do The Children Play?
Road Movie
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Terrific little piece of work, shame it wasn't eligible for voting. Visually superb, with crisp HD visuals that had a subtle Super 8 look to them. Also, excellent acting from a very young cast. Felt a bit like "Bully" by Larry Clark, or something by Gus van Sant, with a nice little sting in it's tail.


Best film of Heat 1. This could easily do well outside of the 48Hours. Loved the cunning use of the required dialogue, every time. You know 3 kids with a hockey stick, a baseball bat and a cricket bat are going to be up to no good! Dubstep FTW! Brilliant freeze frame ending made so good by the FANTASTIC acting. Those kids rule. Guys, next year please try and make your movie in under 48 hours, that's all I ask. Would have given this my 2 point vote on the night.


This was a good story with great acting from the younger cast. Well paced, it was let down a little bit in the technical aspect.

Still, a great effort. Sorry to see that it was disqualified.


Okay, to be quite honest here, I didn't quite understand the storyline. Kids acting was great, camera work and backing tracks were perfect - what I'd expect from a properly-budgeted (and more generously timed) film. Hope Bobby didn't accidentally get smacked 25 times doing any retakes you did.


it was ok. loved how it was filmed that was great but didnt have much interest which sucked cause i was looking forward to this one.


Favourite film from the 1st heat. Slick production values, nice juxstaposition of light music and scenery with darker plot content. Not exactly a road movie, but original enough for it not to matter. Great to see some kids who can act!


Excellent, creepy little thriller. Begins innocently enough, with a bunch of kids meeting up on their way to what we assume is school, but quickly takes a dark turn. A shame that they were disqualified; unquestionably the best film of the heat.


There were some good camera shots and editing in this film. The young actors did a very convincing job with their characters. The story line was followed through and easy to identify. Not a lot of originality. Keep trying and good luck next year.


Another great film that was DQ'd unfortunately.

The kids meet up on what looks like their way to school but the story unfolds to show there's more than meets the eye.

I really enjoyed this. Great use of prop, line and character. It was well shot, good pace and a bit of mystery with a great payoff at the end.

Can't wait to see what this team come up with next year - and hopefully its not DQ'd too.

Great effort.


I thought this was brilliant. Had a few unexpected twists. In the end pulled through as a really nice piece of film. Congratulations on making it, Its a shame it was DQ.


Great stuff, the little glimpse of a dirty hand in the soil was freaky and felt like a tip of the iceberg of a bigger story, which was really nicely done as it kept playing in my head for days. Well done.