'Surprise' by 2 Pound Asparagus Pie

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Revenge Movie
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"Surprise" indeed! Loved the mounting sense of fear in the first half - 100 film points for expert manipulation of the audience's emotions. Cracking second half too. Cheers!


Great ending, solid concept, well shot. Possibly a little slow on the fire escape scene, but over-all enough to keep me interested the whole way through. Well done.


Great film with great pacing and use of suspense. Sorry to see it was disqualified - definitely one of my favorites of heat 1.


No doubt it was right on top of the heats there. What happened with the DQ? :(


Neat film with an efficient, punchy, short-story-ish ending. Does lag a bit in the middle though, and once you know the twist ending, the beginning becomes a bit confusing in retrospect. Coulda been a contender, if only they hadn’t been disqualified.


This was an easy film to watch, the sound and camera work adding a special quality to the film. In fact the sound, camera work and editing seemed to create the special suspense that came with this film. The film was well thought out and although a bit over the top at the end, everybody dies!!!! was watchable. Better luck next year.


A shame this was DQ'd, would have got my audience vote otherwise.

An apartment is being robbed while a women in in the shower. She begins her escape down the fire escape but decides to stay and fight. Handily finds some weapons to help her out.

The Booby Young character seemed a little bit throwaway, just a newspaper article that she stepped on but I can see how it would have been difficult to have told it any other way with the story they had.

Great ending and really enjoyed the film. Hopefully next year they won't be DQ'd.


*Viewed from Screening Room*

Loved it! The soundtrack is great and reminds me of Kill Bill, solid shot selection and excellent building of suspense. Thought it was a pretty cheeky use of Bobby Young, but on second viewing it actually makes sense. Awesome use of the prop, great VFX and really convincing acting. An absolute shame to hear it was DQ'd, the only reason I take off half a star :(