'Stop, Drop, Roll and Run' by 3:15 Productions

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Stop, Drop, Roll and Run
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A charismatic young cast, with some amusing turns. The opening demonstrated a great sense of purpose, and there are some excellent visual gags. Alas, I didn't follow the ending, but I enjoyed watching these guys. Would be keen to see how they progress next year...


A good start by a confident young crew which had a few worthy gags, but ran out of puff near the end. At the risk of sounding patronising, I think they’re capable of much better and would love to see what they come up with next year.


There was some very good camera work in this movie. The story line was not very original but was consistent and lead to a conclusion. The actors, I thought, needed to look at their characters more and to become more consistent in portraying their characters, but otherwise they delivered their lines well. Some editing issues were evident, but keep on trying. Practice will alleviate those issues.


A sleazy Bobby Young leads a team of criminals on a heist to get a special 'package' back. Lots of 'look at my package' type jokes. Shot in 4:3 and had some minor sound issues but overall ok.

The bully element was interesting - b.u.l.l.y (cant remember what it stood for sorry) rather than an actual trait.

Loved the master of disguise, thought he was hilarious.

Overall a solid 48hours film for me.