'Love Line' by 24Frames

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Love Line
One-Room Movie
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My first thoughts about this One-Room/Rom-Com film were: They completely missed the definition of One-Room (it was shot inside and outside of one HOUSE), there was no "Romance" until the last 30 seconds (suicidal anguish isn't romantic), and I didn't see much comedy.


Agree with tarlen there. Some cinematography was pretty good I must add.


Unfortunately I feel that they completely missed their genre, one room+, by using a whole house and not just the one room.

All the elements were there, although at one point there was a voice over, of the Bobby Young name, that seemed to come out of nowhere to make sure we knew thats who it was.

I got a little confused why the guy was trying to kill himself - I presume it was because Bobby had left him? - but I may have missed something while making notes.

The romance element was there though, which was their additional genre.


A film that was almost heroic in its efforts to completely misunderstand the meanings of “One-Room Film” and “Romantic Comedy.”


There was some interesting acting in this movie. The story line was a bit hard for me to follow complicated with some sound and camera issues in the movie, but at the end it was possible to piece the story line together. I found the beginning of the movie complicated to follow for a one room movie scenario.


One Room?
What one room?...