'Choose Hers' by $7DollarSpecial

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Choose Hers
Body-Switch Movie
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Quirky little bodyswitcher, marred by a lack of technical chops. Would have helped if there was more clarity in establishing the two lead characters before they are switched, but I did love how the switch itself took place! Screw magical idols - it's all crazy alien dudes from now.


Well, um errr... This movie made me laugh, and had some great moments - especially crazy alien dude. Just need to sort the technical finer points... probably a decent camera, establish the characters, write a script and this film had great potential.


Unfortunately, what seemed like a good premise was lost in a film that seemed to lack direction. The characters needed more introduction prior to the switch so we knew what was going on afterwards.

Loved the actual switch though.


loved the film enjoyed it. was funny to see the alien guy pop up also i followed the story real well. i found this amusing.
also the body switching you could tell why the alien popped up in this its so true you don't need a mystical being in the mists all you need is a weird looking guy who i couldn't stop laughing at to switch them with no notice. all round was my favorite film so far. i loved the story line seeing as they both realized they were comfortable in their new bodies it was like fate :)


although this film had a few technical glitches i still loved this short. it was quite funny especially the crazy alien guy he just made me laugh hysterically. there could have been more put in it for those who didnt understand just by reading the reviews but i honestly found it to be a good one. loved the bully you would have thought the other girl was the bully but it turned out the girl who was bully best fitted the bully. so all round great job.


i liked this film it was my second best i gave it the two points most definately!! i was voting for south seas a bit disapointed but thats not there fault. anyways i thought it was a great choice of characters. my favorite being the alien dude . too funny that one!. direction was good but maybe it could have had more but even though still done a good job. liked this film.


This film came up a few times in discussions afterwards about films that are so bad they're good. I mean that in a good way.

The crazy guy with the informative gestures was pretty funny, and clued the audience in to the whole body switch thing very well. Low production values and clunky scripting only added to the film's charm.

I may be a sucker for anticlimax endings, but a body switch film where it ends with them deciding not to bother trying to switch back seems pretty fresh to me.


well i think we did good for a group who never done acting,script writing,camera work,sounds and editing, so for a first time i have to give it up to 7dollarspecial.. i definitely enjoyed filming this and il do it all over again.. bring on the next v48hour film fest 2012.


Really enjoyed this movie. Loved how you guys did the body-switch, and how in the end, the characters felt as if they were in the right place. The was no need to change back. That is a really good new approach. Don't think I have seen that happen in a body-switch movie. A few technical things could have improved the movie, but it seems to have been done on a low budget, without any special effects.
Congrats guys


Ok this had me laughing out loud but mostly for the WTF moments.

A bully switches bodies with a nicer person after some magic tomfoolery of some spirit guide(?) type person that switches the bodies.

There were some nice moments where the reformed bully would do something nice, like giving someone her phone and some money to help them out, then the other girl would pass by and take it off that person.

Overall not great but making a film in 48hours is an achievement in itself so they should be proud of that. Good luck with next year.


A neat idea with a lot of comic potential, marred by what I guess was inexperience and lack of preparation. Funniest part: the random appearance of the jester-costumed body-swapping alien. Non-intentionally Funniest part: the resigned acceptance at the end that the body-swapping alien wasn’t coming back. The cast & crew obviously had a lot of fun making it, but a little polish will go a long way in their future efforts.


i followed there story line al the way through!. was good to see a twist at the end where they both were comfortable in each others bodies. and didnt switch back you usually see them switch back, was unexpected i liked that. also i got to say.. most original intro i found the guy in the hood crack up. all round loved it. even though they were first time for everything and didnt use much they captured what was given.


Interesting portrayal of this genre. Unfortunately the movie had a few camera and sound issues which detracted the viewer and interrupted the story line. A good effort with the editing did allow continuity for the film, but was originality lacking.


Not changing back was definately a good plot twist, and the actual switch was good but it lacks the background information about the characters before to the switch.


I laughed so hard, I got the hiccups. Equipment obviously let them down, but the concept and enthusiasm of the team, made up for the lack of technical finesse. Highly rated.


this movie was funny straight up couldnt stop laughing. who ever came up with the weird alien guy is legendary !!. it was epic how they changed that alien guy huh too funny. but the camera work well needed alot of work. i got the story line but the editing needed more work with but aside from that i like the twist at the end. also the start well you could see why the ex bully wanted to be good an stayed in the other ones body. was real cool. :)


im rating this 5 star if i could 10!!! mint as...


i loved this film !! especially the part where the girl who became the bully stole the money and took the phone off the young girl crying. i might be mean but that was straight funny in a sad way. a few technical parts here & there but honestly just amusing. :)


I really think this one's a contender for best bad film. Some of the script was so bad it was hilarious and I think just about everyone will remember the hula-skirt-toting voodoo guy with big smiles and a lot of fondness.

Overall, if the long ambling walks in silence had been cut down it would have made this film even better, and it certainly had its moments.

Pretty enjoyable, the story was predictable but strangely executed and not all of it made sense, that combined with the indifferent attitude of the characters gave it that weird charm we associate with Best Bad Film contenders.