'Bad Start' by 10 TRUCKS

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Bad Start
Mystery Movie
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Neo-noir-sci-fi-10-trucks-special. Loved every second.


I liked the basis of this film, and it was handled reasonably well. The reveal at the ending worked well for me.


Who doesn't walk around with a piece of bent wire up their nose? Pretty good effort, with a nice combination of serious and funny. Stunning special effects makeup work on the corpse. Where are all these teams finding realistic dead bodies this year?


A detective is hired to solve a suicide or murder but is having scary flashbacks. There are some dark characters lurking around causing trouble and the detective is struggling to make sense of it.

I really enjoyed this film, good use of the prop with an entertaining story.

This got my second vote after Bad Rock which pipped it purely on the visuals.

A possible starter for the finals? Time will tell.


An attempt at a modern-noir detective murder mystery. Great makeup effects and a story that gets more interesting as it goes along, but the screenplay could’ve used more polish and the direction was uninspired.


This was a fascinating movie that struggled to keep on track for me. The camera shots were well done, but the plot remained a mystery and I found it difficult to remember where we were going with it. Sorry it could just of been me and not being able to connect with the movie.