'Date Raid' by Squidwig Productions

Film name: 
Date Raid
Romantic Comedy

A female detective doing a raid discovers that one of the guys in the house is someone she was interested in romantically, which makes things a bit awkward. He was a pharmaceutical student at university, which may actually be able to help the case as they are investigating pirated dvds of a new zombie film. Massive massive massive props for the Troll 2 poster in the background.


This romcom was about a detective who busts a roleplaying party and finds pirate DVDs, but one of the suspects is a face from her past. Nice chemistry between the two leads made it quite easy to watch, and some nice shots like the early overhead shots and bathroom interrogation gave it a good visual style. I've also noted down the music was good and there was a nice hammy monologue at the end by the detective as she explains the logic behind her conclusion. Special mention to the silent skeleton faced guy who got laugh after laugh every time he was on screen, even though he didn't do anything!


A cop raids a house, only to find a guy she recently dated tied up in the bathroom. It was a light, amusing romantic comedy, and one that wasn't afraid of getting a bit flirty between the characters.


A female cop bursts into a Dungeon and Dragons session to bust up a DVD-pirating ring. While interrogating the housemates she discovers that one of the individuals is a man she went on a date with and fell for the previous night. My three votes went to the three animations in this heat, but I thought this rom-com might have been capable of audience fav in some of the other heats.