'Driveby Stigmata' by Oral Bennettians

Film name: 
Driveby Stigmata
Team name: 
Road Movie

This film was awesome. A completely new and original idea that kept the audience into it and laughing the entire time! The writing in this video was great with the fantastic back and forth rapport from the preachers. Some things in this video were genius such as the flash back sequence which had the theatre howling. Special effects and costumes were also very well done in particular the demon character (Brian O Halloran look alike?). Its a shame you had major technical problems and had to film the video off the computer. But that didn't interfere with the enjoyment which is a testament to its quality.

John Moore

I loved this priest based movie. A real shame about the technical issue the team had, but it was sheer quality nonetheless!
Not sure if the priests' were Irish or not, but they both pulled off the accent and the younger of the two leads' was so good and a really natural actor.
I laughed hard at the confessions and what a great choice of character for the demon. Looked a bit like a slightly more rotund Ricky Gervais.
Great crowd reaction and this deserves some recognition. The standout in this heat!


Very nice cinematography, good acting and very slick production values. So good in fact that the odd lapses actually stand out - and they are few and far between; mostly continuity. It's a shame you got DQed for length; I can see why your Director is in hot demand.
Good luck to him and good luck for next year.