'Travel Time' by CubeView Productions

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Travel Time
Time Travel
D Boden

An amazing use of light and shade, inspired juxtaposition of characters and a fitting conclusion for a revolutionary film. My only wish is that I could see it for the first time again.

P Jackson

I really liked this. It was good. Sometimes I laughed. Sometimes I cried. Clearly a good film. That is all.


A cautionary tale and guide-book to using a new time machine! An amateur production with some fairly entertaining and enjoyable sequences, CubeView have clearly put in the work for this film. It does suffer from slow patches, and includes some pretty interesting drug use scenes, but it's all held together by an appropriately paced song by Module.


Instructional DVD explaining the proper use of their Time Travel machine.
Cheap production values and funny gags. That pretty much explains this one in a nut shell. I definitely enjoyed it (especially as a geeky Lost fan, noticing the inclusion of Hurley’s lotto numbers), and some of the time travel transitions were quite cleverly done. Simple idea with clever writing.

Rough Reviews

This film started off as an interesting and unique idea but quickly descended after the opening titles. Relying on cheap gags and lacking any creativity, the flim leaves behind it's pontential in preference of quick laughs.
My strongest memory of this unfortunate piece was waiting for it to end.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

I really enjoyed this film. It was done as an FAQ style video for the "Sydney Manson Time Machine".
Again I thought this was a great take on the genre and it had some very funny set pieces.
Well shot although some of the editing could have been tightened up for pacing but overall very well done.

Jagged Orchid

Even as an instructional video (which is what this film was) it was poor and almost humourless. With a genre like 'Time Travel' there is a lot of potential to be creative in your story and this team made very little attempt to do so.


Travel Time was a very well done instructional video style presentation with a tidy script that had the audience laughing. The film had a very amateur filming style, however it did not really hurt the delivery.
The casting was probably not optimal, but neither did it cause a massive disturbance, and the tone of the narration had a unique airy quality which drew the audience in. The script was well written, and had everyone laughing and cringing at all the right moments, and the serious but silly style was met with a massive reaction from the audience. A major pitfall of this film was the length of the text sections between clips, which were far too long and began to loose the audience near the end. A faster tempo would have drawn it all together nicely.
The dolly shot was integrated seamlessly within a joke and was one of the best uses in the Auckland heats. It was very unclear where the Sydney Manson character came in, as the information was glossed over at the beginning before being completely forgotten. There were some technical issues with framing, and the audience spent a lot of time staring at doors until action actually began in the shot.
Overall, Travel Time was well excecuted, but more care taken when cutting could have brought it along significantly. CubeView Productions had some really clever integration of required elements, and a great deal of appropriate if a bit obvious humor.

Mrs Dog's Breakfast

I really enjoyed this refreshing approach to the Time Travel genre. And ... I have always been a sucker for a large stuffed toy! Needless to say if a piece of paper with the winning Lotto numbers appears in my mailbox I will be straight down the dairy!
And props to the chick who was the voice of the TIme Travel company ... a career in the 0900 business if things ever get tough I woulda thought.