'The Odioussey' by Devil Goblins from Neptune

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The Odioussey
The Road Movie

What the random!? This kind-of enjoyable but partly annoying film (shot in Lynfield?) seems to be a bunch of weird elements thrown together and called a story. OK, in parts this was hilarious, but others the audience is very in the dark. I imagine this was uproarious for the cast and crew to watch, and I know that's really important.
The film does a decent job of making a "walking" road movie, a shitload of violence and course language, and best of all, random songs. Can't say I saw much of this film coming, and it was fun to watch in the cinema, but it's not really something I'd forward to my friends if I found it on Youtube.
Props for taking on "musical" even if you didn't have to.
Disclosure: I do know a couple of people involved in the film.


Sidney Manson tells the story of going to the pharmacy to get medicine for his sick mother, but we are shown the true events which involve a murder, a song, and a drug deal.
From the get go, it’s pretty clear these guys wanted to get musical. They had a definite story which flashed between Sidney’s retelling of the events, and the actual events themselves, which is where almost all of the humour lay. My favourite part was when they bashed a hobo to death with a rock. It went on for WAAAY too long and the head smashing sound effect was WAAAY too loud, but that’s exactly what made it WAAAY hilarious. There was plenty wrong with this film but I can’t remember what because I enjoyed myself so much.

Rough Reviews

I give this film zero stars. It was insulting to us that take this seriously and care about our audience. It was one of the films I actually found painful and wish could erase from my memory.
Looked like a bunch of asshole kids fooling around. Weird unnecessary musical element, really bad sound, poor narative and no themes or message.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

Like the other reviewers I have no real idea what this film was about or why it had a musical element but the flashback style made the film quite amusing.
A few technical difficulties as well but it was one of those films that I couldn't help but enjoy.


This film was quite a laugh, overall id like to give you a 3.5/5 as there was something just a little bit missing from the story and a couple of technical issues.. but they didn't have serious impact on the story. But for a young team i think it was excellent! look forward to seeing what you can produce in the future!