'Colin.' by Crambo Productions

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Ghost Film

An unfortunate start to the heats tonight. "Colin" was in all respects very amateur, and felt like its creators wanted it to be "cool" and not "enjoyable". The script was especially poor, with uncomfortable and awkward lines like "do you feel the presence that is present with us?" The storyline seemed to be complex but I didn't get it.
It takes a lot to make a cool film, but I feel like this team could have put in more effort and made something more simple and enjoyable. Some nice make-up and success in feeling tensely haunted at times were this film's successes.


Presenters of a ‘Sensing Murder’ type show, investigate reports of a ghost.
This was obviously a rookie team as they have a lot to work on. They had an interesting story which developed, but almost everything else worked against them. Might have been easier to watch if they had more time in the edit suite. For example, as a viewer I found it hard to distinguish between what was the TV show, and what was real life. Perhaps some cheap graphics or a simple grade on the TV show parts, would’ve helped.

Rough Reviews

Slightly interesting storytelling method, but fell through on all techncal and performance aspects. The Film also heavily relied on cliches and borrowed ideas.
The group lacked the life experience to pull off the older characters, though the lead female held her role better and was easier on the eyes.


Colin was unfortunately an unremarkable film. The ending was a well constructed version of classic horror, but the leadup was predictable and didn't quite have the punch that this film needed.
While the actors who played the reporters seemed to try their best to get into the roles, the setup did not look slick enough to come across believably. The script needed a lot of work to tighten it up, and less would probably have been more in this case. The team did however pull it together very nicely at the end, producing a believably scary ghost scene which left audiences suitably nervous.
There were several small technical glitches which added up in the end, but the use of some dramatic shots helped it along. The dolly shot was a little forced, but it deffinitely wasn't among the worst of the auckland heats, and the other elements were worked in appropriately.
Crambo Productions didn't quite meet the challenge of this film. Perhaps learning to work with the assets they have and spending a bit more time locking down the story would benifit this team next year and lead to a more solid production. That being said, the required elements were strong and in the end it did pull together a believable ghost film.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

This movie launched straight into the action of a TV "ghost hunter" style which had some very amusing moments.
I thought this was a nice take on the ghost genre.