'Why Your Parents Lock Their Doors: A Guide to Sex' by CineShock

Film name: 
Why Your Parents Lock Their Doors: A Guide to Sex
Team name: 
Sexual Education

This film flicks between embarrassing talk-to-the-camera sexual education and "how to bake cookies with Gran the innuendo way". Includes a zoom on Gran's bottom and hands all over cookie dough. It's hard to know what to think.
I don't think that sex-ed was the best genre for this team, but I do think that a bit more technical experience will lead to better films from them in future. Over-all it's kind of cute, very peculiar.


Sex education video using the baking metaphor to explain why your parents lock the door.
The transition between the teacher and the scenarios were distracting. Quality of shots were overall good. The whole thing didnt really gel for me. Disjointed.


Why your Parents Lock Their Doors had a lot of potential, but I don't think it quite made it for CineShock this year. The visual effects in the instructional portion of the film were quite cleverly used, but the actor cast in this role was too young to make her believable as an experienced older woman imparting wisdom, which made the film rather awkward.
The idea behind it was quite clever, and the innuendo used throughout it to explain why your parents lock the door was witty and well received. The main problems that arose were in the casting of the headmistress character and the delivery near the end of the innuendo shots, where the innuendos turned into blatant representation. I felt this lost a lot of the momentum for the innuendo shots, and some of the plot didn't quite make sense.
The compulsory elements were there, but some, especially the Sydney Manson character were a bit vague and difficult to understand. Some of the cuts were very good and provided a lot of effect, and the audience was laughing at a good part of this film.
Overall, Why your Parents Lock their Doors had some good things going for it, but the plot just wasn't solid enough to hold together through the film. More appropriate casting would probably have helped, but a bit more time spent on the script might have been more beneficial.