'The Power of Love' by Chess Club

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The Power of Love
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This team are up from Wellington so new in town, but they've entered 48 Hours before and I think they've done well too! Needless to say "The Power of Love" is a stonker of a romcom, an almost definite finals contender that hits all the genre's cliches and tropes from an entertaining fresh angle. Ultimately, it suffers from the same simplistic view of relationships that many romantic comedies do, and feels completely unbelievable even in its own setting, but that doesn't make it a whole lot less enjoyable. A heart-warming, smile-educing movie for the most part, and a sickly OTT conclusion I could have done without. See you in the finals, Chess Club!


This is a Wellington team that have come up to compete in Auckland.
Its about a guy who desperately wants to go out with this girl but gets turned down ALOT of times. When he gets turned down for the 50th time, three love gurus come along and give him some pointers.
Really funny. A bit random, but there are some great scenes in this one. My favourite was the Brit woo-ing method. I also love the opening scene with the number counter showing how many times the guy has tried to ask this girl out but gets turned down with some sort of excuse. Great acting as well. My favourite of this heat.

Dan Johnson

While this film was quite funny and well put together (excluding audio) it seemed so... familiar. A little less cliché would have been nice, although a nice overall job. I really had a sense of dejavu whilst in the theatre was watching this.
That said, the lead actor was rather good, and the overall film was enjoyable to watch if not amazing.


You really don't know where to start with this fantastic film. It had developed characters that you could really get to know, a coherent storyline that worked well and it fit all the compulsory elements in, though some came across better than others.
The storyline was very tight, with a recognizable plot that flowed very well through the film. The actors were outrageous and over the top, but it matched the events in the script which were equally outrageous and over the top. Technically it was pretty good, though the sound at the beginning was far too loud, but I'm willing to attribute this to possible technical glitches in the theater.
As far as the compulsory elements go, Chess Club did a pretty good job of integrating them. As far as the genre went, they definitely pulled off comedy, and even though calling it "Romantic" might be a stretch, Love was definitely a theme, and it fit into the genre. The dolly zoom and broken toy were a bit forgettable but that's okay, being glaringly obvious about it would have spoiled the flow. The bone I do have to pick with it was the integration of Sydney as a fabricator, which was weak, difficult to spot, and seemingly abandoned after the first few minutes.
The Power of Love was my favorite movie in heat 3, it's quirky over-the-top acting and story had the audience chuckling throughout and the story did not suffer from being stuffed with jokes. The compulsory elements were pretty good, and the cinematography as a whole, worked. Chess Club won the audience over, and the end of the film saw a great deal of clapping and cheering.

Leah McVeagh

A very inventive and amusing Rom Com! The script was wonderful, and the main character very absorbing. Pity none of them could act for toffee, but the audience didn't seem to mind, as a roar of laughter ensued a number of times throughout the theatre. I would love to see these guys with better sound and video equipment, to see what they come up with next. Looks like they had as much fun as the audience did!