'The Hitch-Hikers Wife' by Cal Jefferson Productions

Film name: 
The Hitch-Hikers Wife
The Road Movie

A great film involving hitch-hikers, which makes for a variety of unpredictable characters - but this is really about the woman who's giving the rides, and what else she does with her temporary companions. I thought it was a really sweet idea, and the whole film's executed with tasteful elegance and superb acting on the lead actress's part. It also includes a long and magnificent Hitchcock zoom, well done to this team I thought this was a damn good movie.


Another different take on road movie. Good production values good casting. The lead lady worked well. I felt for the poor guy when he realised what was going on, good acting. Very entertaining.


The Hitchiker's Wife was an intriguing concept on the part of Cal Jefferson Productions. This road movie took the form of a documentary and the story came across really well in this form.
The plot was original, and the pace was good. Other than one or two things that drew away your attention, such as the plausibility of how the main character would explain her work to her husband, it flowed together into a dramatic documentary. Carl Jefferson Productions had a fantastic actress on their hands who pulled off the character flawlessly and led us to believe and empathize with both her and the husband character.
Most of the compulsory elements were really well integrated, the broken toy and the dolly shot were well placed and enhanced the storytelling, and carried out very well. Her role as fabricator came across really smoothly and was central to the story.
Other than a few plot holes which I found a bit distracting, the film was a unified whole. The compulsory elements were not strained into the movie at all, and the unique story kept the audience captivated and engaged. Despite the fact that this was not the strongest film of the evening, I found myself coming back to it as I drove home, and in the end, what more could you ask for in a successful film?


A mockumentary about a wife who daily job is to pick up hitch hikers and keep the roads safe. Little does her husband know that its a bit more than that for her.
I thought the actress was great. The story was ok. The interior scenes and shots were really nicely done. If they had a toddler instead of a 8/10 year old boy, it would have been more believable.


Really, really good acting, with really, really good production values makes this original idea a really, really good short. Worth a repeat screening.

G Willis

Really, really like it when we get to see something original, well-made, and entertaining; 'the Hitch-Hikers Wife' is all those things.
The use of the required elements fits the story seemlessly and the acting from the title character is without annoyance or error. Well done, look forward to seeing again.

Dan Johnson

The stand-out film of it's heat, 'The Hitch-Hikers Wife' was the most original of the night. The story of how a woman spends her days on the streets was a very unique take on the 'Road Movie' genre. Extremely well produced and very slick, wiith a lead actress that was amazing; totally making this film a possible finalist.
The 'Vertigo' Zoom was long, smooth and really worked well with the story. It seemed like it would be there if it were required or not. A natural fit.
The story, as out-there as it was, felt real due to the way it was presented. Excellent work.
Really good to see a film which was original and technically superior.

J. Harris

I really liked "The Hitch Hikers wife” I thought the originality of it was fantastic, this was my favorite film for the evening and I was amazed by the quality of camera work and acting. If any one can say that it was a one star I think they need to get their eyes checked or they have a taste of the little green eyed monster, I did 48 hour last year and I know how difficult it is to match the cast exactly in such short time, well done team!!! good work and good script to be done in 48 hours.

Lucio Fulci

Every year there's a stand-out short or two that really integrates the required elements and genre into a complete mini-movie. This year it's 'the Hitch-Hiker's Wife.'
The short was an all-round achievement, ticking all bases, and still having that ellusive 'X-Factor.' The acting from the lead and the camera work alone are gold. The story was, although told 'Office' style, highly original. Always a plus.
Great work, look forward to seeing it in the Final.


An interesting concept let down by lazy writing and patchy story telling. The lead actress was good in the role but the dialogue was horrendous. The pacing was all over the place and for some reason they cast a teenager as the husband and a 9 yr old has his son. If their genre was z-grade made for tv movie they would have succeeded.

Rainbow Monster

'Must see delicious romp through suburban life'
A slice of life film that pulls the heartstrings and the funny bone all at the same time.

Leah McVeagh

The concept was interesting, but the film didn't pull it off very well. I was intrigued, then disinterested at their flat characters and predictable script. Could've been far better.