'See you at the bottom' by Bruised Bunny Productions

Film name: 
See you at the bottom
The Time Travel Genre

If there's one thing I love hearing at the end of a shot it has to be "CUT!". If you fall in to the same camp, you won't be disappointed by this film.
It's a nice little premise, but a slightly irritating execution. A young man finds a time-control device right there in his house. But he's running around without a shirt on, and despite being perfectly normal he's not particularly easy to relate to. Some good acting make the world around him somewhat believable, but it can be difficult at times to know exactly what's going on. The film ends with an unexpectedly classy special effect, although I'm not quite sure what it MEANS! Looking forward to seeing more from this team.


About a guy who was on antibiotics, and his friends asked him to have a beer. The next morning, he has a lousy hang over, goes to the oven and tries to reheat a pizza. Unfortunately, he didnt know that he was dabbling with the space and time continuum, and finds himself somewhere in the future, with different owners living in the house, and gets killed because they thought he was an intruder.
I think the team didnt have enough time to clean up the audio, but the best part for me was when we could hear the director yell 'cut' a couple of times. The story is a bit disjointed. I dont know how the antibiotics relate to the time travelling. The transition from when he lived there to the new owners wasnt really clear.


See you at the Bottom left me with a lot of questions about the plot. Though all the elements were there, the movie didn't quite fit and wasn't quite a coherent whole. I certainly wasn't bored with it, and it didn't quite dump me on the side of the street and leave, but neither did it take me on a smooth ride.
The plot itself was pretty straightforward, but the introduction and conclusion were disjointed and I was left very confused. I had no idea what the lengthy character introduction had to do with the plot, and the ending left my brain racing to try and catch up with the movie. From the introduction and the title of the movie, I can only conclude that the main character is dead from combining drugs and alcohol, and his ghost is stuck in some sort of inter-dimensional time warp.
The compulsory elements were there, though I found the Sydney character was a bit under-defined. This was the only time travel film I saw so perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, it is a very limiting genre and the film did fit within it.
The camerawork was good, and the way the shots were cut in the middle sequences was very strong. I think with a bit more time, the story could have been expanded and fleshed out, and the characters could have been made a bit more relatable, to create something quite good.

Leah McVeagh

'See you at the bottom' was beautiful as far as its production values went, but they really let themselves down with the script. I found it set itself up to be something amazing, but delivered no spark or surprises. I found it extremely boring in the middle, and "Sidney Man's Son" was hardly a big twist at the end - the audience knew it the whole time. Moral of the story: big production values don't make up for poor scripts. Work harder next year guys!