'Cartman: Behind the Cardboard' by Circa Freaks

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Cartman: Behind the Cardboard
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It may be GOOD that this film was disqualified, just because of copyright issues! The film clearly follows a fictional murder investigation in to the mind of Sidney Manson, actor of Cartman, after Southpark's creators are found dead. Usually a bio-pic is about someone, not their trial, but the plot takes charge of itself when Sidney turns the tables on his (21 years old?) psychotherapist. Also includes drug-use and creepy end-credits that gave it a shaky applause on the night. The twist left me un-moved, but I'm sure glad it was there. With this experience behind them, Circa Freaks may really surprise us next year.


This film had a lot of potential, and a variety of interesting themes within it, however it was a bit disappointing that the combined elements didn't quite work. The character cast for Cartman didn't fit at all with the original Southpark character, and while I believe this was deliberate, there was no way to relate him to the title or the subject of the story, which left it a bit disjointed.
The lead actor's performance as Sydney Manson was good. It was not over the top and it provided a real depth to the character. Unfortunately, the inability to link him to the character he was supposed to be portraying left me feeling a bit cheated, especially when the first half of the film goes to a great deal of trouble to explain that Sydney is often typecast as Eric Cartman, a fact which as much as I tried, I couldn't swallow because there was no similarity whatsoever. If you removed everything about Southpark from this film, it would make for a more solid plot and leave the audience content with the delivery.
A major highlight in Cartman: Behind the Cardboard was the use of the broken toy theme. It provided motive for the conflict and a reveal at the end, and worked brilliantly in the credits. The other elements were all there, and definitely not over the top, but it was the toy's contribution that really stood out as exceptional among the other films in the heat.
Once you take everything about Southpark out of this film, it is a really fantastic short. It has compelling characters, an interesting twist, good pacing and was generally compelling. I think a bit more time would have gone a long way for Circa Freaks, but the finished film still had a lot of potential.


Someon killed the makers of South Park and Sidney is accused of it. He is ordered to get a psychiatric report, and manages to hypnotise the psychiatrist to clear him from any wrong doing. Instead, his co-stars take the blame and ends up in prison. All because someone broke his favourite toy.
I thought the story was over complicated. I love the South Park cut outs and love the closing musical cow when the credits rolled.