'810' by Cool-Hwip Productions

Film name: 
The Ghost Film

Amazingly, nobody from this excellent team turned up to watch the film with us. Maybe they got their schedules wrong, or maybe, just maybe, they were eaten be scary ghosts.
It takes guts to make a ghost film both serious and realistic, and yet manage to really speak to the requirements of the genre as well. A team of ghost-hunters investigate several houses looking for anomalies and possible paranormal activity. It's enjoyable, the characters feel real and you want them to succeed. I wondered what their back-stories were, and felt like I could meet them on the bus somewhere. This team just needs a little more experience and originality, I think, to be real contenders for the finals next year.


This ghost movie was not overly innovative, but it definitely succeeded in being scary, which is the biggest selling point of this film. It was a bold move on the part of Cool-Hwip Productions to attempt a genuinely scary film, as the whole believability and worth of the movie would have been lost if the audience didn't find it intimidating.
The story reminded me of a cross between Ghostbusters and a generic 'possessed doll goes crazy' movie. It didn't have a lot in the way of original story, however the characters had personalities and relationships with each other that were both evident and relate-able. The story could have used a bit more originality, but the spookiness of the film went a long way.
The compulsory elements were similarly used in obvious and uninventive ways, but they did work together. The broken doll was central to the plot, and the dolly zoom would have been easy to integrate into a number of scenes from this movie. The portrayal of the Sydney Manson character was a bit weak and seemed to be an afterthought rather than an integral part of the story, but the camera work, lighting and sound was all done very well.
Cool-Hwip Productions may not win any awards for originality with 810, but there is definitely a quality there which makes this film compelling and inviting, at least until it eats you.


A reality program of a bunch of ghost hunters looking for ghost.
It was well shot and edited. I hate horror movies, and the scene leading to one of the ghost hunters finding out who was playing the music made me squirm in my chair (ok, so i'm a wuss).