'Twin Cops' by Beefy Bacon

Film name: 
Twin Cops
Team name: 
Twin Movie
Warwick "dogs breakfast"

These guys went OTT and very back of the Y and I loved it. Not sure but it seemed like the opening credits introducing the twin cops made up about half the film but was funny and hammed up to the max.
My sort of humour but realistically don't think it will make the finals.
Loved the 70's porntache's (also seem to be a lot of those this year)


I have to admit, I just love this team. I am pretty sure these guys have more technical finesse than they bother to show, but there's something about the super-edgy lo-fi feeling of this film that is infectiously enjoyable. In "Twin Cops" we see the law's most kickass crime-fighters doing what they do best. A long and fast-paced opening sequence makes way for a self-mockery of an "episode" of some crappy late-night TV program where "the usual" plot plays out. But fantastic editing and gag-a-minute writing make for a very enjoyable cinematic experience. I suspect Ant Timpson enjoys this kind of crap as much as I do.


Oh no !....when it started I was preparing myself for a keystones cops performance, but it totally surprised me ! it had a storyline which made sense, and a twist at the end which I didn't see coming. The gunflashes were brilliant and seemed to fit with the movie. I liked it and it was entertaining. Well done Beefy Bacon !


OTT twin cops (must have come from two separate sperms and 2 separate eggs in a surrogate mom) out to save Daddy O who keeps getting caught each mid week, but gets saved by end of week.
Some really funny lines, and OTT acting. Love the SPX of the gun shots (reminded me of our very first 48 hours entry). These guys looked like they had a lot of fun making it.

Covert Walrus

OK< I'm a big 70s movie fan. Bite me. I loved this gag trailer/short excerpt from a way OTT 'Starsky & Hutch' era buddy cop movie that pulled out every stop on the Cliche Organ and played it loud . . . Technically brilliant with jump cuts and close-ups that kept you watching no matter how ludicrous things got.
Overall, a delightfully fragrant slice of cheese that would play well as filler at a 24Hour Movie Marathon.


Twin Cops is an excellent example of a film full of clichés and cringe-worthy moments that still does very well for itself. If you are fond of abundant fake moustaches, over-the-top acting, completely unrealistic character portrayals and a general barrel of laughs, then this film is for you.
The term ‘film’ is probably a bit generous, as Twin Cops is more of an extended trailer with a bit of plot tacked on the end. Beefy Bacon wrung every last drop of the twin movie theme into their film, and then threw in the dregs for good measure. While none will praise this film for being original or deep, it’s definitely amusing and engaging enough for an audience to sit through it without being bored or ceasing to find the jokes funny.
The use of the compulsory elements was not very memorable, probably due to the amount of reinforcement the audience is given on the main theme. The line of dialogue, though not unexpected, was nonetheless integrated well.
Twin Cops is a light-hearted fun-poking take on police themed movies that’s guaranteed to get a laugh (and more than a few groans) from the audience.