'The Tyre & The Liar' by Bang Gang

Film name: 
The Tyre & The Liar
Team name: 
Warwick "dogs breakfast"

Musical can scare the pants off people and can be a difficult genre. I won't comment on the actual singing because mine is worse but the story didn't really go anywhere it felt more slice of life, not a bad thing just not for me. Also tough to follow Bald Faced Cheek.
Some thought was obviously put into the direction and they used it well in the editing of the conversations. The acting was ok but nothing out of the ordinary. Had a few sound sync issues but nothing serious.
Overall felt average to me.


Bang Gang had a difficult job from the beginning, pulling off a completed musical and score within 48hrs. The Tyre & the Liar focused a great deal on the score and delivery, which was very good. Unfortunately, something's got to give when you have only 48 hours, and that was the plot and integration of compulsory elements.
Despite Bang Gang drawing Musical as their genre this year, the film had more of a road movie vibe to it. The plot required a bit more polish for the climax and conflict, and ended rather abruptly. While the idea was certainly original, and its adaptation as a musical was amusing, it left the audience unsure of whether it was comedic or serious, and left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied.
From the list of compulsory elements, the broken toy seemed incidental than an integrated part of the plot, and the fiddling over it near the beginning of the movie was distracting from the singing. Sydney's role as a fabricator gets two thumbs up for being a key point in the film, it was well integrated and made perfect sense. The compulsory dialog was well placed too, though it could have used a bit more follow-up to strengthen the ending, I found myself waiting for the male lead to make a decision, and we never quite got there. I couldn't pick out the dolly shot anywhere, though I can't say there was a definite point in the story which needed it.
Overall, the film had a great score that really helped the movie along. The plot needed a bit more tweaking to strengthen the message, and maybe a little more spice too. The fabricator theme was well integrated and the cinematography was clean, which led to a pleasant and interesting watch!


Hitch hikers make great movie fodder, huh? In this, a driving couple meets a hitch-hiking couple, but some secrets about their existing relationships will be, er, almost revealed. A wee bit mysterious, and potentially a good setup for a musical film! It looks like the team feared musical, and gave it a shot, but struggled to make their story really go places. Included the most horrible duet note I've experienced in a short film, but it was one of those "so bad it's good" moments.
I think the real thing that detracts from this movie is its use of only one location/scene. Flashbacks, back-stories and more information could have taken this one further... I subscribe a later Friday night next time to really work out what that script can do!

David Stuckey

A musical that works quite well, as two couples meet over a flat tire and old acquaintances are renewed . . . With possibly deleterious effect on the future of one couple. Stunning singning voice on one star overcoems the tone-deaf second male lead, and the rhyming interlaced argument scene is well written and reminds me of such work in LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT or THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG. The tyre-changing song is the highlight show-stopper, and the witty script and story are charming and sinister at the same time.
Technically, some problems, such as the lighting during a final sequence, and some dodgy moments in the middle, but good camera work in the car for the opening save it form looking amateurish. A solid effort that while not a stunner, is very interesting and foretells some great future work from this team.


Well done for pulling a musical together. The story could have used more highs and lows to make it more interesting. I enjoyed the tyre fixing song.