'The Toy Next Door' by BadMoFoProductions

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The Toy Next Door
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Femme Fatale
Warwick "dogs breakfast"

Another very good film - A flat is cheap to rent and has a hot female neighbour what could be better right? Not in a Femme fatale its not...
The way she kept popping up in the window, lounge etc was well done and the oversized toy was hilarious. Liked the acting and the production values were very high. Skimpy outfits with a great female lead that stopped short of being totally exploitative.
Thought this film was well written and made and depending on the judges could also be a finalist, at this early stage at least.


I gotta say it, this was a very entertaining watch. A weird message, as a man moves in to a cheap new house he meets an impossibly-cute girl living next door. She's creepy, and I had a number of genuine lol's at her ability to be creepy unexpectedly. But her OTT enormous sex toy is broken, and she needs your help. And then she kills you. What? Yeah, well, it's still fun to watch.
Shot with a shallow depth of field, for people that like that kind of thing.


Tears of laughter coming down my face when she brings out her MASSIVE TOY ! clever script and smooth relaxed acting, made for a totally believable story. Anybody got some spare batteries ?


Cheap house for rent besides a hot neighbour. Something a miss here.
I love how the hot neighbour keeps popping up unexpectedly. The story isnt really exciting BUT great use of their giant prop.


This film had some very funny scenes, i enjoyed the central character(very well cast) appearing in the window and then in other odd situations. This film was very well acted and had good audience response. The climax was funny in a sinister way.

David Stuckey

Wow! This one was brilliant - The Femme Fatale storyline was executed very well, with a heroine who owes a lot to Melanie ( New Plymouth's own ) Lynskey's portrayal of "Go Home Rose" in TV's TWO AND A HALF MEN - Though even Rose draws the line at this young woman's high energy stalking. Special award for the lead actress here as she appears in scenes like a Cheshire Cat and does a pop-up and lowering down at the window that had us laughing and jumping.
The climax of the story ( HA HA Climax ) is one of those moments where the direction is unpredictable and I will not reveal it here ( Others have, the swines . . . ), but suffice to say that using the broken 'toy' in the way she does is probably the least disturbing use she could have put it to. The hero character treads a fine line between dopey and cautious when faced with the lovely neighbour too, and is well played.
The washed-out background in most shots I won't criticise, because it did serve to bring the action into focus nicely and may have been a special effect; Certainly the general technical standard was very high.


'The Toy Next Door' is full of little surprises, which plays well to the genre -- after all, does the Femme Fatale not spin her deceptive web about unwary males before her true intentions are revealed? It's a short that cleverly walks the line between ticking the genre boxes whilst still keeping the audience guessing.
The story follows a Kiwi everyman that's found some criminally cheap rental accommodation, with a bonus -- a sultry neighbour who seems keen for a little company. However, things take a sinister turn when said neighbour starts turning up often and unannounced, often startling our protagonist, who begins to suspect this might be a little more than he bargained for...
BadMofoProductions should be applauded for successfully capturing the noir undertones inherent to the Femme Fatale genre in a prosaic setting. The story arc is nicely executed, and the ending is very satisfying. Their treatment of the broken toy delivered the laughs, but if 'The Toy Next Door' is a comedy, it's as black as they come.


Liked the colour grading actually. Script wise - a good amount of funny bits and dark bits- would have been great to see you guys not confined to 7 minutes. Although to be honest the sinking gag by the bathroom was a little out of place- but obviously sometihng you were going for so that's probably just a subjective thing from me! Also really enjoyed you getting the line out of the way nice and early. Didn't like the shot following him to the door- didn't really seem to fit the scene. A massive dildo that became a murder weapon- seemed a little incongruous with rest of story but the final scene gave a great cyclical feel to the short and ended it perfectly.