'The Great Scourge' by Blunt Force Trauma

Film name: 
The Great Scourge
Team name: 
Sex Education
Warwick "dogs breakfast"

I enjoyed the film but had very strong competition in this heat with bald Faced Cheek.
Sorry can't make out the notes I scribbled in the dark so I can't add any more to this.


Clever use of metaphors to tell sex education. Hats off to Bruce who had his hands full as always, directing, camera work and editing. Nice job and something quite different compared to all the other films I saw tonight.


For all you dads out there, bookmark this short for future (or even current) reference as a potential sexual education short to show your sons. Really funny, great play on words AND also teaches WW tactics. Kill two birds with one stone.
I LOVE the aeroplanes made from boxes.


Ohhhhh innuendo. Sweet sweet innuendo. This one did it for me. At times I laughed like an idiot.
Was very clever, creative, original and a great way to sexually educate our troops. Quite good in terms of that 48Hours style. Cardboard box airplanes, very nice.
"We're BRITISH! We don't need protection! Come in from behind!" - Some classic lines.


"You don't need protection, you're British!"
This an other memorable lines from this enjoyable but irritating short film. An old-timey air-force sergeant instructs a flight squadron on how to defeat their enemy using ample servings of innuendo... or make that in-your-end'o. A classy response to the "sex ed" genre with some big laughs and appreciation from the audience too.


I thanked my lucky stars when our team didn't draw the Sexual Education Film genre, because where there'll no doubt be a couple of absolute gems, I suspect there'll be a slew of mediocrity.
This is not, in itself, suggesting that 'The Great Scourge' is mediocre, because if there's one thing that Blunt Force Trauma have done here, it's to have come up with an unexpected approach. One of the problems with their treatment, however, is that it feels this square peg has been hammered into a round hole (ahem).
The short attempts to sexually educate the audience by way of something that can't quite make up its mind if it's The Dam Busters or an RAF instructional video. There are beginning sketches of characters, but they're quickly dispatched by the (requisite) flat instructional approach.
The 'education' is given by way of double-entrendres delivered largely by an impressively-mustachioed Wing Commander, intercut with footage of lads larking about a park in cardboard planes. Whilst it initially delivers a few chuckles, it gets tired pretty quickly, which is a shame because it was visually (and aurally, for that matter) quite competent.
In its defence, I may be being slightly hard on 'The Great Scourge' because, in my personal opinion, double-entendre stopped being funny around 1980 (doesn't "Are You Being Served" want to make anyone else slit their wrists?) Unfortunately, I think this genre will see a lot of it.

David Stuckey

What Ho, Biggles! After this, Algy, practically any Ho . . .
These guys took the Sex Ed film genre and tore it a new own with the use of euphemism and WW1 combat tactics. Seriously - puns on fighter manouvres, Fokker aircraft and the use of parachutes have never been used with more ribald gusto and the sepia tone, 'scratched' film quality worked so well it was a delight for the senses.
Cardboard planes are a staple of satire and they worked here with some great sound FX style that really took the audience by surprise; Super little comedy that stood above the other genre entry in this heat for payoff and may only hav esuffered in voting by the overall quality of the entries.