'Heartburn' by Backyard Studios

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The Time Travel Movie
Warwick "dogs breakfast"

A funny short about a boy band just starting out - thought the Sydney character was a bit OTT.
Loved the fan from the future and the spaghetti was fantastic, it was exactly where I hoped it was going when they started discussing the paradoxes :)
Overall enjoyed the film, used the line and the dolly zoom well but suffered from bad sound in places. Loved the outro as well - perfect boyband stuff.
Nice work.


This team handed in their second version. I definitely enjoyed parts of this film, but I found it hard to like it overall. A boy-band trio is met by their future biggest fan when she travels back in time to shower homage on them *before* they were famous. The film takes place in one location and has a series of completely unbelievable characters, the writing just doesn't allow depth from anyone on the scene. I wanted this film to be better, especially following the highly enjoyable banter about the name of the band.
The ending of this film is quite a surprise, and the credits sequence is when it really shines. Backyard Studios are really capable of some great things, let's see 7 minutes of great next year!


A fan travels into the past to become friends with a band that hasnt become famous yet. Because of that, she messes with the past, and the future changes. Made me laugh when she explodes.


'Heartburn' is a Time Travel film about an aspiring boy-band whilst hilariously debating whether they should name their band 'Boyfriends' are visited by a fan from the future, a time where 'Heartburn' (the name they adopt courtesy of the anachronistic admirer) are the boy-band supergroup du jour. Tensions rise when the fan reveals their breakthrough hit appears to be a caustic number about one of their (soon-to-be-ex-)girlfriends, and before long, the entropy of time travel contributes one of the better low-budget combustions I've seen in a long time.
It did feel a little like Backyard Studios were nervous enough about drawing Musical/Dance that they had this concept waiting in the wings, particularly as the film began with a choreographic flavour that had me squinting in the dark at my heat sheet to work out if I'd read the genre wrong. Either way though, it certainly held together as a Time Travel short, and, as second film of the heat, 'Heartburn' was an early indicator of the overall calibre of the night's (perhaps this year's?) entries.
Sadly, this film was disqualified, for reasons unknown, but I would think Backyard Studios can be happy with its reception. Our team certainly enjoyed it.


This was an interesting twist - A nascent 'boy-band' are sitting in their garage trying to decide on a name ( Probably premature, as the first scene shows how much work they need on all the other elements, like singing together ), whne a visitor materilises and gives them information about their glorious future. Not to do any spoliers, but this is a reworking of the old SF cliche described once as the Pogo Effect . . . but here, and played for laughs with some witheringly funny dialogue, it works very well. Great characterisation form all the actors, and a surprising twist at the end, this is a goody.


This film had a great concept where a crazed fan of a future boyband travels back in time to hang out with them before they become famous. Unfortunately there is only really one scene in the film and it takes quite a while to get to the point. That being said there was totally enough here to keep me entertained, the song over the credits was a well produced parody of autotune boyband fodder, the ultimate demise of the fan was awesome and unexpected, and the girl was pretty - so three stars from me.