'Dinosaur..' by Battlecat

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Sexual Education
Warwick "dogs breakfast"

There were some things I loved about this film. I thought the flashbacks to the cavemen days were funny and I loved the repeated dolly zoom of the mother about to be run over every time someone talked about her, very funny.
For a sex e film they went the awkward parents broaching the subject with their kids way which was funny and got away from actually showing anything to do with sex. Loved the "dinosaurs had too much sex and then smoked afterwards so they got cancer and died" line too.
Had a few minor sound issues but other than that a good effort , especially from first timers. Didn't think they needed the Anchorman to be portrayed as older but it was a minor thing.
Good overall.


This film had things going for it. A nice script, a decent premise, but not the best acting and a little more repetition than was needed. As a young girl begins to throw out her old toys, the presenter and his mate asks dad if it's time to talk to her about the birds and the bees. "They grow up so fast" is always a dodgy line in this kind of situation!
The girl acts very natural, but "dad"'s lines feel forced and ungenuine. The stuff about the dinosaurs is a little bit funny, but doesn't do anything to progress the plot. This film does include a very sweet montage, and it feels like the group could do something cool with, say, TWO weekends instead of one. See you next year guys!


Dinosaur was a funny short with a good kick and clever integration of elements. While the film fizzled at the end and would probably have benefitted from a trimming, it was a neatly wrapped package.
The overall tone of the film was very funny, and the actors' over-the-top performance solidified the comedy. They all did a great job, though a younger girl cast in the role of the female character would have made the ending a bit funnier and less obvious. The father character was magnificently portrayed and had a lot of life to him, I found myself sympathizing with his predicament quite easily. Each character helped flesh out the scenario and created a coherent whole that made sense. The second half of Dinosaur could probably been cut to half the length and made a much stronger film, as the slower pacing contrasted a lot with the snappy tone of the first part.
The elements were well integrated, the use of the broken toy to set the scene was clever, and the fabricator trait was one of the best deliveries of the night, it had the most of the audience laughing. The dolly shot was perfect in its integration again and again (and again), and was technically well executed. While the line of dialogue was not very memorable, neither can I remember it being disjointed. The use of the dinosaurs near the end was a tad anticlimactic, though I imagine this was a deliberate effort to gloss over the details. It would have been nice if it had been a bit wittier and easy to follow.
Though the film concept was not particularly original, the sexual education genre is never an easy one to be original with, and overall it was a pretty good effort and well delivered.


I like the different scenarios of how the daughter thinks her parents met. I thought the acting was a bit flat. I love the explanation of how the dinosaurs die from cancer and smoking. Very funny.


I'd half-expected the Sexual Education Film genre to be packed full of puerile references to masturbation and queefing, but I've been surprised by both of those that I've seen; so far, a vulgarity-free zone.
The treatment by v48 first-timers BattleCat have given 'Dinosaur...' is understated and quietly delightful. The premise is one of a solo Father parenting a daughter after her Mother is run down in a tragic dolly-zoom accident. There's the requisite uncomfortableness of a Father trying to talk to his daughter about... uh, you know... stuff... and an utterly brilliant depiction of the answer to "How do you think your Mother and I first met?" that's worth the price of admission on its own.
An 'educational bloke' makes the occasional appearance with requisite blackboard and glasses, but he's really secondary to the charming performances given by the Father, the daughter, and the well-meaning friend. However, he ties the story together nicely, and consequentially, 'Dinosaur...' is a pleasure to watch.