'Blood Is Thicker Than Water' by big red fire truck

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Blood Is Thicker Than Water
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The Road Movie
Warwick "dogs breakfast"

This was kind of random and felt like the required elements were thrown all together at the end.
About a guy who picks up hitchhikers in his van. Had some funny "yeah thats what I said" moments but overall just felt ok, not great.


Predictable. The hitch hiker looked creepy. Moral of the story DONT HITCH HIKE


Another film centering around hitch-hiking, "Blood is Thicker" is a rapid-fire and scary little horror piece that I think the audience really reacted to. But it's not the kind of movie you want to show your friends - a sadly negative take on what it means to trust someone, and a very annoying central character make watching the film quite a taxing experience. Commendably, the film uses real people and situations, but relies on stereotypes to be effective. Its twist could have been nice if it were believable, and its lack of variety make it painfully repetitive. The "final" character, a German (or other European) tourist, looks completely out of place among the rest of its cast, and the film comes to no visible conclusion in the end. Oh well, I suspect it will be over-rated for "believability", I just think it's annoying.


Big Red Fire Truck’s road movie, Blood is thicker than water had a number of interesting elements. Despite some sound issues at the beginning, it delved into the story quite smoothly if a tad predictably.
The movie's use of repetition really strengthened the tension before the reveal, and the Sydney Manson character was really well portrayed, he had a lot of life and character to him which made it very easy to watch. The reveal was somewhat disappointing, while it was definitely solid and easy to follow, it was also rather predictable. By halfway into the movie the audience had worked out how it was going to end, and I was hanging on for a twist that never came.
Sydney definitely came off as a fabricator, and was one of the stronger portrayals of the night, though the rest of the elements were strung out a bit haphazardly, the main elements; road movie, Sydney Manson and fabricator were however very strong and well portrayed.
Overall, Big Red Fire Truck produced a stimulating film, which, if a bit predictable, still left me with an impression of quality. Some bits of story and technical delivery needed to be fixed, but despite this, the film was still a fun watch.


very cliche! It would have been better if they made something more creative