'Pip Pip Cheerio' by Anti-Pirate

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Pip Pip Cheerio
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Time Travel Movie

A time travel movie from another young team - this entry had very interesting use of makeup and was a good execution of the genre. Not a lot of plot or explanation, but enough to keep you watching, and a tidy if unexplained resolution.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

This was a young team trying to play older characters which seemed a bit odd when the story could easily have dealt with their actual ages.
Time travel movie with a story line that involved 2 Pips (one male one female) that were in the same place at the same time because they had (magical) russian dolls? not really sure about the details on this one.
The film was 4:3, not sure if this was a technical issue or on purpose and the sound was not very good in places. I felt the story was unfinished and they tried to explain it in the credits (which a couple of teams have done so far) that didn't really work for me.
I'm sure they'll be back next year and I'll be interested to see what they have learnt from this year.


Two people with almost similar names find themselves arrested and interrogated.
I dont know how the Babuskha dolls relate to the overall story. I AM glad that it was an all female team.


This was a clever (!) young-team (teen?) film that used limited resources to have the audience explore a range of possibilities in their heads. A very smart premise pulled off with what they had at hand, something I really admire.
Brilliant opening sequence, and chic suggestions of larger things at play (eg. soul-recycling). Two people with the same name find themselves tied together in an interrogation room. So achievable!
Ultimately, the apparent reason for time travel never seemed plausible, and the casting was just a little bizarre. Nonetheless, a very likable film that I'm glad to have seen.


This young (all-girl?) team have put together a decent (if a little convoluted) film here. It would seem two people with the same name have travelled through time, from the past and future respectively, to end up in the present day. They have the same name, and are both carrying Russian dolls. I must admit I did not fully understand what had happened here, or more specifically, WHY they had time travelled. Regardless, the film was well cut, contained refreshingly good performances from all three of the female leads, and some funny snippets of dialogue (in particular a great acronym back-and-forth).

Golden The Pony Boy

I was a bit confused as to what went on in this storyline, but thought that it wasn't a bad attempt for such a young team. Well done, keep working on your storytelling and you could go far.