'Love Meme' by Artificial Nipple

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Love Meme
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Pirates hate ninjas, and ninjas hate pirates, but when two enemies go to a giant animal costume sex party, noone knows who is really sleeping with whom. HOW did they get soo many mascot costumes?!
It was funny, I enjoyed it.


Easily the strongest film of its heat, this heart-warming romp excelled in plenty of lovable ways. A fresh take on a cliche plot, our stars are a ninja and a pirate in modern-day Auckland who both like to dress up as "furries" and go to fur parties. Funny, original and with a head-spinningly awesome dolly-zoom moment, this film could only benefit from slightly slicker production and some more inspired acting. Audience seemed to love it, I couldn't pull my eyes away.


Really liked this film. Great concept playing on the classic internet meme that Pirates and Ninjas and mortal enemies. Here two of these mortal enemies meet at a cosplay/furrie party (another meme!) and GET IT ON. The next morning they are shocked to find out that they can never be together. The costume budget for these guys must have been huge, considering it’s a film about people who wear costumes normally who meet at a costume party. Anyway, the film was funny enough and the romance was cute and genuine. A great take on the genre.

Derek Tomes

It's a classic tale of pirate meets ninja, pirate and ninja fall in love, love turns to custard and eventually, pirate and ninja reconcile. I loved the furry orgy scenes, they were very brave and hilarious! The best film of the first heat! Must go to the finals!