'Desperately Seeking Vege' by 80% Spazmodiplomatriximagical

Film name: 
Desperately Seeking Vege
Romantic Comedy

I'm rating this short a 3, but be honest that's probably because it's half way between 2 and 4, both of which I would like to score this film but I can't quite decide which. This V48HOURS entry was about as well executed in some ways as a rom com about anthropomorphic vegetables could be. And as the director who introduced the short said, he'd always wanted to make an entry about vegetables, and finally his team let him.
This however also leads to the biggest WTF?! of heat one, which is "Why make a romcom about anthropomorphic vegetables!?!" Also, the plot was fairly non existant - just the random dating adventures of a corn and an egg plant. But still, some of the best use of actual vegetable actors I've ever seen (again I say, WTF?!)
Don't know what the future holds for this team... Probably lots of salads.

warwick "dogs breakfast"

This was random. Vege rom-com had some very funny elements but suffered some really bad sound in parts. Not sure why there was son much blue/green screen either as it didn't seem to need it.
Loved the vegebook website and the potato porn (yes potato porn - you had to be there) and definitely had a lot of laughs but for me it more the WTF kind but a laugh none the less.
If the sound hadn't had so many issues it may have been better


A very silly movie where a bunch of vegetables meet at some sort of speed dating thing, our heroes are an eggplant and a corn who are having the most trouble finding love. The veges are portrayed by a mixture of actual vegetables and our heroes, who are in giant vegetable costumes. By the end, there’s a conspiracy about whether or not the corn is genetically modified, and there’s also some of mugging attempt – to be honest, the sound was pretty bad and I got kinda lost trying to understand what was going on. Though there were enough well dressed up vegetables and silly voices here to keep me entertained for seven minutes.


What can you say!? This bizarre Romantic Comedy was entertaining and comedic, but did actually drag and had a (maybe?) twisted ending that I didn't personally follow. It's clear that this team *tried*, and you can't help but like the film overall. The story was predictable, its production values pretty low... but ultimately it was very hard to look away as the dating-like sequence of vegetables unfolded on the big screen. Good to see people partying in vege suits.

Daniel Hart

Wow! This movie was odd! The story seemed to be a bit thin, basically a montage of vegetables on the prowl for Mr/Miss right. I wonder if the Vegies will be making a return in 2011?

Golden The Pony Boy

I actually really enjoyed this film. I thought it was very funny and sweet, the costumes were great, and the way they used real vegetables was clever. Got one of my 3 votes at the end of the film. Well done 80% Spaz, you did a great job.