'Off Air' by Touching Cloth Productions

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Off Air
Bro or Bechdel Movie
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Very nice film - polished - funny definitely in the top few from the region. Filming was great, no amazing shots as far as cinematography goes but stood out with the best quality wise.
Lots of laughs from start to end - although if I had kids this would be one you would rather they didn't see lol. Especially stood out for that as this year across the board most films were very PG.


A Fantastic film. Brilliant story line and the two main characters were hilarious!! A well shot film that delves into the core of what ladies talk about. Brilliant acting, superb script and excellent comedic timing. Once again Touching Cloth has created a film that will be among the regional finalists for sure.


A great film from Touching Cloth as per usual. Funny with a touch of crude. But I don't think it is their best work to date. I have a feeling that they may have run out of time for filming and editing as the cinematography seemed very 'safe' and editing needed to be snappier to keep the pace of what the two main characters were saying. Overall though I found this an enjoyable film and in my top 3.


I always look forward to Touching Cloth's films. You guys are definitely the bench mark in Taranaki. The two ladies in this film were hilarious and definitely made use of your given genre. The cinematography is second to none (Hence why you guy's are the bench mark) and definitely didnt fall short here. Thank you for giving of your time to the HP48Hr Film Festival.