'Chemistry' by TAC Studios

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Rom-Com Movie
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Charming romantic comedy with unexpected pay-offs.
Two rivals join forces to get what they want: one wants to finish the assignment and the other wants the girl. But it's only later that they realise that what they really wanted was right under their noses all along...
First off: sweet pointy 's' thing in the title sequence (you know what I'm talking about). Lots of gags (loved the anime tear drop irl) and a fully sick zoom in the first scene.
Jokes aplenty ("You should hear his puns" although to be fair it was one pun over and over) and one of the most savage dumping scenes committed to celluloid.
Perhaps not the most technically adept film of the night but it had something special about it that made it my pick of the heat.


The story was great. A few technical things such as the audio could have been better but overall I saw a lot of potential in this team.


What A great film!. Very had genre to get right but this group of school kids have done great at bringing the genre alive. Defiantly one of the best dumping scenes ever. Hope these guys go far!


Funny and romantic. This film hit the mark spot on. It was a great movie that makes you laugh and maybe even cry. Perfect for anyone!. Also such a brave step for going the extra mile and making it a gay romcom!. They should be proud as not a lot of people would do this kind of story. :)


Great storyline!. Loved how they went the extra mile with a gay / bromance idea. Very good understanding of the genre!