'Bromancing The Stone' by Team Indeed

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Bromancing The Stone
Bro or Bechdel Movie
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Well I was sitting all alone in the dole cue
I gotta get paid, by my man uncle john (ooh)
That moment, in the corner of my eye
Walked in, a burly guy ----standin at 4.ft .5
He had a thick moustache, and a really cool car
And his name, tattooed on his arm
I could tell, he's a bonafide rock star
I asked for the time, he said half past lunch time,
We hit it off like a couple of birds
Or a couple of girls, like in a manly way
Drunk a couple brews,
Had a good laugh
Spewed out my guts, inside of his car
We formed a bond, a real strong connection
Bro to bro love, real friendship perfection
Don't be jealous girls, he's taken,
He spent the night with me playing super smash and tekken


Bromance, it's such a beautiful thing
I'll be with you till the end of time
Talk about bromance
It's such a beautiful day

(Verse 2 )

When you need a wingman, he'll be there by your side
When you get rejected, his shoulders there to cry
When it's really cold outside, he'll give you his jacket
The jacket that he jacked from a dude named 'Clarence'
But I don't really give a duck
Man hug for luck
Fist bumps all day when he scores us some (oh
The dude really knows me
He really cares
Even does my laundry and hangs out my underwear
- Late nights online, all the time
- Co-op buddies playing Call of Booty 5
When it's my birthday, -- he'll be there
He's so thoughtful, he knows I like cuddle bears.
I can't think of a happier time.
Maxed out stats with the bro perk! Sublime!!
Now let me hear the hook, ONE MORE TIME
Bromance 4 life!!!! Anywhere, all the time.


Bromance, it's such a beautiful thing
I'll be with you till the end of time
Talk about bromance
It's such a beautiful day

(Verse 3)

I caught you cheating, with another bro
I feel rejected, what the hell bro?
- This is not how a bro, treats another bro
Adultery styles is not cool yo
But I'm sure there's an explanation
Like you tripped and fell accidently (aye son?
That's us man, stick them up,
I'ma bout to lay the smackdown on ur butt
to the left, to the left
to the right to the light
Mike tyson styles and bite your hide
Blood drawn, fight clubs on
It seems that I am winning till he kicked me in the (ho!)
After a well ought battle, the dust has settled
Feelings cast aside, I'm so sorry, yes, so
Please forgive me, I overreacted
Let's take things back to the way we had them


Well deserved win. Very catchy rap/hiphop song. Your girls we're very cute.