'Oblivious' by Script Bare

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Last Person on Earth
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Three stories of unconnected and very different characters seamlessly edited together to produce a really entertaining short. I thought the characters were well acted and their traits cleverly used. Funny throughout. The crazy toast tea party a highlight!


This was Classic
Well written well executed and funny as I was especially impressed by the dancing through the field and just how happy he was that he was the only one left


Cracker use of bread, and props for the parallel story lines allowing multiple actors to be in a one actor film. The story of the hirsute gentleman was my favourite by far.


This was a good fun watch. A lot of entertaining elements that didn't quite add up for me - e.g. it would have been great to have the character's somewhat roundabout approach to problem solving drive the plot a little more, and the toast party was random fun, but didn't quite go anywhere (and was a little long for my taste). But nonetheless, a lot of hard work and great ideas packed into a short space.