'OCDairy' by Chameleon Circuit

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The Fantasy or Adventure Movie
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Great effort. It is fun to see turning such a simple things, like going to the dairy, into an adventure.

Did i see the same footage of the car approaching 3 times in a row?

I thought your lead character did a good job of staying OCD throughout. Loved the little touches like trying to stay of the grass as he passed the person on the street.


The main character in this was really fun to watch and his big adventure was brilliant to see. I especially loved the little touches like ensuring you'd put in a shot of a dog before the audio of it barking - setting up that continuity. The let down for me though was Morgan. Knowing that she was a liar and only having two lines sort of gave away the ending.


Thought this film was great and had some nice pacing and shots, perfomances were good too, but i did pick the ending.

All in all great effort though and look forward to seeing what you come up with next year


It was a great effort. I loved the scene with the ball, it gave it that adventure feel.
and the main character just looked the part.
i was a little disappointed with the soundtrack, it got pretty high at some points
but altogether it was a great film and i look forward to seeing what you come up with next year.


theres always room for improvements for everything! you guys did this small film justice!
love the classic BGM it gave a great atmosphere which also made it seem comical,
and the small details helped in making the film appealing,
for a short film that was made between 48 hours it was a good film with an unusually interesting plot
awesome OCD character, he did a good job.


A nice fun little film with an interesting lead character and some laughs for the audience. Good job!


I love this film! I like the angled shots that you used on the guy at the door and the classical music. However, I thought that filming in Athenree was a poor choice, as Katikati, a nearby town, has a much better dairy.


A simple tale told well. Lead character believable and excellent use of details. I loved the hand washing. Good camera work. Well done